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Zoya Anchor Base Coat

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Zoya Anchor Base Coat 0.5oz
Zoya Anchor Base Coat Refill 2oz
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Zoya is the Healthy Color or Fashion! Big 10 Free Ultra Long-wearing, toxin free nail polish and treatments formulated without Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Camphor, TPHP, Parabens, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide and Lead.

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Consumer Review


I used Anchor with a Zoya polish and Armor top coat. Two weeks later when I repolished they still had no chips. I was amazed and cannot say enough good things about this product. I am hard on my nails too.
Jen 10
Consumer Review

Zoya Anchor Base Coat 0.5oz/15mlGreat for all but stains

Goes on thin, dries fast, and holds well. My only complaint is that it doesn`t do the best job of preventing staining from darker polishes
Consumer Review

Zoya Anchor Base Coat 0.5oz/15mlDisappointed by Anchor Base

When I use Anchor Base my nails chip with the polish. Very disappointing.
Dee Dee
Location-Bend, Or
Salon Review

Zoya Anchor Base CoatLead Manicurist

I am having difficulty with Amore and Anchor. I fill my bottles with the product and they get thick before the bottle is half way gone.
Consumer Review

Zoya Anchor Base CoatMore buffing required

I used zoya anchor regularly for several months (changing my polish twice a week). I had to buff something on my nails every time I removed it. It basically adheres so well that it took pieces of my nail with it when I removed it! On the plus side, I had almost no tip wear with zoya anchor zoya polish zoya armor, after 3-4 days, even though I used my nails for scratching. I just don`t want to use it regularly because all that buffing was weakening my nails. I switched to Chanel base coat and now my nails never need to be buffed but I still get 3-4 days between polish changes.
Consumer Review

Zoya Anchor Base Coat 0.5oz/15mlpeeling like crazy

I can`t believe this is 5 stars! this does not work. I love zoya colors and the "green formula" but this base coat will not stick the color to my nails. One day after applying the color peels like crazy! I have been doing my nails for years and with other brands I get up to 5 days without chipping or peeling.I`m Very disappointing with this products and wont recommend it to anybody :( I wish I can get my money back, because this was a total waist
Location-Houston, TX.
Consumer Review

Zoya Anchor Base Coat1st time was a charm!

I used the base coat along with ZOYA polish, and the top coat for the 1st time on Monday. Normally, by the 2nd day my mani is a hot mess but this time around it still looks fresh. No chips or dips just a brilliant shine. Thanks for saving me! I almost threw in the towel.
Consumer Review

Zoya Anchor Base CoatGreat with Zoya Polishes..

This base coat works great with my Zoya polishes.. they can last weeks together! However, when I use it with other brands they tend to peel pretty quickly.
Location-Memphis, TN
Salon Review

Zoya Anchor Base CoatNail Professional

I love this base coat is truly adheres polish to nail plate for prolong wear if used in conjunction with armor top coat
Salon Review

Zoya Anchor Base Coat 0.5oz/15mlBEST base coat eva!

I`m a cosmetologist and have tried several base coats that always chip and peel one day after application. I had given up on them all together until I saw the reviews on this product. I decided to give it a try and I`m so glad I did. I painted my nails three days ago and usually see at least one chip, and so far, my nails look just as good as they did the first day. I`m a die-hard fan now!
Consumer Review

Zoya Anchor Base CoatHoly Grail of Base Coats

This base coat is insane. Even the worst nail polish lasts days with it. With my old base I was lucky to get two days out of my polish, but with this I can easily go a week without any problems. I also noticed that my nails don`t peel as much since using Anchor. I don`t ever want to be without it again.
Consumer Review

Zoya Anchor Base Coatawesome!

Drastically increases polish wear and strengthens nails--this is a total must-have!
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