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We are very honored to work this season with the highly talented and personally delightfull Zang Toi to create the nail looks for the Spring-Summer 2013 collection. 

The Inspiration

The Spring 2013 collection was inspired by a recent visit to the French Riviera and the nail palette features three custom "Ice Princess" shades in subtle metallic hues of lilac, pink and yellow.  Each of the colors have an icy french tip featuring Zoya in Trixie. The colors are named to honor Zang's personal muses Julie, Gei Gei and Piaf.

The Colors

Trixie - Ice Princess: An opaque shimmering, micro particle, liquid metal Silver. Perfect by itself or as a dramatic french tip.

Julie: A full coverage icy cool lilac with a micro diamond particle ice princess.

Gei Gei:  A full coverage icy pink micro diamond particle ice princess

Piaf: A full coverage icy micro diamond yellow ice princess

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